Why Wendt?

Board Certified Social Security Disability Attorney in Charleston


When you ask an attorney to help with your Social Security disability claim, you want someone with the experience to help you win it. So how do you know an attorney has the level of experience that you want? I'm Rob Wendt, and I'm one of SC's only board certified Social Security Disability specialists.

So what does that mean? Well, the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification only certifies lawyers who have extensive experience with Social Security claims. Certified lawyers must pass a difficult written examination. They must devote a large percentage of their practice to disability law for at least three years. They must have handled at least 100 disability hearings and multiple appeals all the way up to federal court. They must be recommended by fellow lawyers and Social Security and federal court judges. It doesn't cost anything extra to ask for an attorney who is board certified. I'm proud to be board certified in this area of law. Let me use my experience to help you win the disability benefits you need.

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There are only two board certified Social Security Disability specialists in South Carolina. Rob Wendt is one of them.

What does it mean that Robertson Wendt is “Board Certified”?

To become board certified, an attorney must have:

  • Been licensed to practice law at least five years and be a member of the bar in good standing.
  • Practiced a set percentage of Social Security Disability law for at least three years.
  • Handled a wide variety of Social Security Disability matters to demonstrate experience including appearing in at least 100 Social Security Disability hearings, filed at least 20 appeals council briefs and filed at least 10 briefs in the United States District Courts.
  • Attended Social Security Disability law continuing education seminars regularly.
  • Been evaluated by fellow lawyers and judges.
  • Passed a day-long written examination.

If you choose board certified Rob Wendt, it costs you no more than hiring a lawyer who isn’t board certified. It’s an easy choice.

Most people win benefits with an experienced lawyer.

couple in a fieldAccording to Social Security’s own statistics, people win benefits more often when they have representation than when they don’t.

Social Security also allows non-lawyers to represent claimants, but at the administrative level only

Ask for a Licensed Attorney

Many individuals and companies offering representation in South Carolina SSD claims are not actually licensed attorneys.

As a result, they may not be able to handle your case past the administrative level, including any appeals in Federal Court, a situation that could both complicate and impact the success of your claim.

Why would you want a representative who’s not been to law school when you can have a board certified attorney for the same fee?

Since there are no legal fees if you don’t win benefits, the decision to get legal representation is an easy one. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your claim.

When you need a Social Security Disability attorney, you need someone local who knows your area. Rob Wendt is a South Carolina attorney who helps people just like you.

Winning Social Security Disability benefits is most likely very important to your well-being. Hire a local, board certified Social Security Disability specialist like Rob Wendt to help you. Contact us today to discuss your case.