Meet Rob Wendt

Meet Rob Wendt

"Some law firms try to handle lots of different legal matters, but long ago I decided that I really wanted to focus on one area of law and try to become the best lawyer that I could in that area.

We're a small firm. Some large firms can offer a whole suite of legal services. We don't do that. Ours is more focused on disability law, but there are some very distinct advantages to having a small firm like this. For one thing obviously, we can learn this one area really well and do the best job that we can, but it also allows us to develop a team approach. We have a team of very experienced people in this firm. It includes lawyers, paralegals, and very importantly, retired employees of the Social Security Administration. We all work together on every case.

A client who comes to see us for example may not have me as the lead attorney; it may be an associate attorney. But I will be personally involved in that case as will the rest of the team as we take the case from the intake of the first day of the interview all the way up through the hearing and decision and the calculation and payment of benefits.

Our clients expect professionalism and experience, and that's important, but they also expect us to show compassion for them. They're going through very difficult times in this process, it's really important for us to care about the people we're representing and I think that one of the secrets to the success of our firm is that everyone here really wants to help people."

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