What to Expect During the Claims Process

What Should I Expect During the Disability Claims Process?

"If someone contacts our office for help with their Social Security claim, the first thing that will happen is they'll be put on the phone with one of our staff who's retired from the Social Security Administration and we'll take a good bit of information about the case. The staff member will then come and talk to me about whether we'll be able to help that person with their claim.

It's very important when you call our office to have information about your medical problems, about the doctors who've been treating you, your employment history, and so forth. We may ask you for information about your earnings and your benefit rate.

Some clients ask the question whether they should get a lawyer who's close to them. My response is it really doesn't matter. What's most important is that you get the lawyer who has the most experience and who is going to do the best job in handling your case. The location of the lawyer really doesn't matter in Social Security claims and the main reason is that we really only need to see the client in the office for the first interview and some clients don't even feel it necessary to do that. I personally like to meet every client in the office the first time. After that, we can conduct all of our business over the telephone, by mail, or by email.

We'll spend time with you to get you ready for the hearing before the hearing, but we will appear personally with you in the hearing, whether it's held in Charleston, Columbia or Greenville. There's no additional expense for us traveling to your hearing, so location really doesn't matter."

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