LTD Denied?

Charleston Long-Term Disability Denials

The Law Offices of Robertson Wendt can help you appeal.

Don’t fight the insurance company without the help of a lawyer. Insurers don’t want to pay Long-Term Disability benefits because they affect the company’s bottom line.

The LTD insurers don’t want you to have a lawyer. Without one, you have less of a chance to win your disability benefits.

We can help you review your disability coverage and try to have your initial denial overturned. Though it is a complicated process, success is possible.

What About “Free” Representatives?

Beware of “free” representation from your insurance company – it may cost you in the long run.

Rob Wendt works for his clients, not an insurance company.

When you need real representation for Long-Term Disability benefits, give The Law Offices of Robertson Wendt a call at 843.723.6555 or fill out this form.