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    If You Bought an LTD Benefits Policy or Plan or Have One through Your Employer, You May Qualify

    Whether you own the policy or plan or have one through your employer, if you can no longer work because of your medical condition, you may qualify for LTD benefits.

    That said, every policy or plan is different. To determine the type and amount of benefits you’re eligible for, let one of our Columbia LTD attorneys review your policy or plan with you.

    We understand how your life may have been thrown for a loop because you can’t work due to your medical conditions. Give us a call to discuss your options.

    South Carolina Man wonders if he qualifies for long-term Disability

    What are Long-Term Disability Benefits?

    If you have a Long-Term Disability policy or plan (whether one you purchased or one made available through your employer), you are entitled to benefits if a medical condition keeps you from working.

    Your health condition must be expected to keep you from working the amount of time outlined in your policy or plan in order for you to qualify. As all policies are different, the amount you’re eligible for and the length of time you’ll receive benefits will vary.

    If you have any questions about your LTD policy or plan or need help getting LTD benefits because you can’t work, call our office today for a free telephone consultation.

    If your LTD benefits are terminated and ERISA applies, you have 180 days to appeal. But don’t file your appeal on your own! Call us immediately if you’ve received a letter denying your benefits, terminating your benefits or even threatening to terminate your benefits.

    South Carolina man happy he qualifies for long-term disability benefits South Carolina man qualifies for long-term disability
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