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Don’t Accept Free LTD Representation It Will Cost You in the End

When an insurance company pays you long-term disability benefits, they’ll probably make you file for Social Security Disability benefits, too. The insurance company may offer you “free” legal representation to help you get Social Security Disability benefits. But here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Is the representative a lawyer?
    Probably not.
  • Is the representation truly free?
    Not in the long run if you get less than what you deserve.
  • Will the representative meet you in person when they take your case, or just show up the day of the hearing?
    Our attorneys will meet with you before your case.
  • Does the representative have your best interest in mind?
    Or the best interest of the insurance company?
    These representatives work for insurance companies. Our attorneys work for you.
South Carolina man happy after getting help from long-term disability rep


These representatives work for the insurance company – not for you! Beware of “free” representation from your insurance company – it will cost you in the long run.

If you hire an independent attorney, the insurance company will often indirectly pay for the attorney’s fees – call us to learn how that works. The representatives they hire, who are most likely not attorneys, are usually located in faraway states and you will never personally meet them. If your Social Security Disability claim is approved, the insurance company will want you to pay them back — will the representative hired by the insurance company advise you about your legal rights? If the long-term insurance company terminates your LTD benefits, will the representative they hired advise you of your legal rights?

Rob Wendt is a board-certified specialist in Social Security Disability. He works for his clients, not an insurance company.

When you need real representation for Long-Term Disability benefits, give Robertson Wendt Disability a call or fill out this form.

Social Security disability lawyer, Robertson Wendt, helps client South Carolina who was helped by a disability lawyer
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