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South Carolina Man wonders if he qualifies for long-term Disability

Focus on Your Health, Not Your Bills

You’ve worked for years. It’s part of who you are.

Now you’ve got medical problems that make your job impossible. Right at the point when you’re one of the most seasoned and experienced workers, the future seems uncertain. How will you get by?

Social Security Disability benefits could be the lifeline you’ve been looking for, letting you focus on your health and worry less about paying the bills.

And when you turn age 50, there’s good news. It can be tough to win disability benefits, but at this age your chances get better.

Once you’re over 50, Social Security gives more weight to your age when deciding whether there’s any job you could do. Getting approved for disability benefits is more likely.

But you have to get the details right when you apply for benefits—or appeal a denial.

Get help navigating the different rules for people over age 50. At Robertson Wendt Disability, we have a deep knowledge of the disability system. We’ve helped thousands of people in Charleston and Columbia win benefits. Robertson Wendt is one of few South Carolina attorneys who are board certified in Social Security Disability law.

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Social Security Disability Qualifications You Must Prove

No matter your age, there are three basic qualifications you must meet to receive Social Security Disability benefits. You must prove that:

  1. Your health condition makes it impossible for you to continue in your most recent job.
  2. Your health keeps you from doing another type of work for which you’re qualified.
  3. Your health problems will last a year or longer, or threaten your life.

The key point when you’re over 50 is that Social Security gives your age more importance in deciding whether you can switch to a different job. Claims examiners will consider you less likely to adapt to new roles. This makes it more likely that you’ll win your case.

You don’t have to pay anything to call us and discuss what it’s going to take to qualify for benefits.

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How Being Over 50 Makes a Difference for Your Social Security Disability Claim

When you apply for benefits, Social Security will place your age in one of these groups:

  • “Younger Person” (age 18-49):At this age, you must show that your medical problems keep you from doing your last job or any other work for which you’re qualified.
  • “Closely Approaching Advanced Age” (age 50-54): Social Security focuses more on whether you can do your most recent job with your health problems. You face less of a burden to prove you can’t switch to any other job.
  • “Person of Advanced Age” (age 55 & up): Once you reach this age range, Social Security requires even less evidence to prove you can’t work at all due to your health issues.

After Years of Hard Work, It’s Your Right to Apply for Social Security Disability

Disability benefits are not welfare. You paid into the Social Security system from every paycheck you earned while you worked. That money is there to help people just like you when health problems make it impossible to earn a living.

Don’t feel embarrassed about needing help. You’re not alone. Social Security itself says that one in four workers will encounter a disability before they reach retirement.

At our law firm, we know how to apply the rules for people age 50-plus, how to help you prove your disability case and how to get the benefits you deserve.

Even though it’s easier to get benefits once you reach 50, don’t take anything for granted. Your future financial security is at stake

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South Carolina woman meets with local disability lawyer, Robertson Wendt
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