Shannon M. Dillehay

Associate Attorney

When health problems have pushed you down, robbed you of the ability to work—robbed you of your livelihood—this is when you need a boost from someone who can help you reach a better situation.

Someone like disability lawyer Shannon Dillehay.

Social Security Disability benefits provide monthly income and access to Medicare or Medicaid health coverage. Most of all, they give you back a sense of stability and self-sufficiency.

But the process of getting benefits is notoriously hard. An overwhelming number of people get denied for Social Security Disability.

Disability attorneys like Shannon can help you through this process.

With Shannon working on your claim, you can rest easier knowing someone capable is gathering the medical evidence and work history background that you need.

Shannon explains the complicated process as you go. And she can represent you at multiple levels of appealing a Social Security Disability claim.

She helps you avoid mistakes that could hurt your chances at disability benefits.

Shannon started at Robertson Wendt Disability as a law clerk in 2019 and later joined our disability law practice.

Before she went to law school, she studied psychology. She’s always felt driven to help people who are going through stressful times and health issues.

Helping people get disability benefits is her way of making our South Carolina communities stronger and better.

If you’re in Charleston, Columbia or anywhere in South Carolina and you can’t work because of medical conditions, talk to Shannon and our disability legal team about getting the benefits you need to move forward with your life.

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