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Could You Use Financial Relief in Beaufort or Across South Carolina’s Lowcountry?

If you’re in Beaufort, or anywhere in South Carolina’s Sea Islands or Lowcountry, you can qualify for financial relief when health problems stop you from working.

Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits provide monthly checks and Medicare health care to keep you going after you lose your ability to earn an income because of limiting medical conditions.

This is not a handout—you earn these benefits by working and paying into Social Security. And they truly don’t just hand them out. It’s a long process full of rules, steps and opportunities to make mistakes.

Most first-time applicants get denied. A certain type of lawyer, a disability attorney, can help you through this process.

Robertson Wendt Disability works for hard-working, everyday people across South Carolina. Whether you work in tourism and hospitality, retail, health care, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, or any other industry in or around Beaufort and Beaufort County, our disability lawyers can help you.

After the harsh interruption of health impairments, Social Security Disability benefits are a way to open a better chapter in your life.

Let us help you get there.

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Getting Social Security Disability Benefits in Beaufort

People in Beaufort must go through the same process as anyone in the United States to get Social Security Disability benefits:

Qualifying for Benefits: You must be unable work, because of bad health, for at least a year.Applying for Benefits: You have to fill out forms, send medical records and provide education and work history details when you apply for benefits.

Appealing a Denial: It’s unfortunate, but normal, to be denied for benefits. Then you have to file an appeal with more information and arguments for why you should get benefits.

Your experienced Beaufort disability attorney is there to handle all of this for you, taking work and stress off of you so you can take care of yourself—and also potentially increasing your chances of winning benefits because they know how to handle this system.

It can also help to have someone who knows South Carolina, the Sea Islands and Lowcountry, because a local lawyer knows local jobs and job demands, local health care services and local Social Security offices.

You pay no attorney fee to get help with your disability benefits—until you win benefits.

Plus, it’s FREE to talk to our disability lawyers for Beaufort and South Carolina about your situation and options before you decide how to move forward.

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Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Application in South Carolina

Social Security set up thousands of rules to decide who gets assistance from disability benefits, partly to make sure the right people get the help.

But the flip side is that it makes the process more complicated and harder for you. Disability claim mistakes like these can get you a denial:

  • Incomplete information on your forms
  • Incorrect information on your forms
  • Not getting regular medical care for your impairments
  • Insufficient supporting evidence, like medical records
  • Working and earning more than disability rules allow
  • Failing to file an appeal in a timely way

Another mistake could be failing to work with a qualified disability lawyer.

You’re not required to get a lawyer for a Social Security Disability claim. But we’ve helped thousands of South Carolinians with disability benefits, and we think it’s better if you don’t have to go through this alone.

Robertson Wendt Disability was founded to stand up for the wonderful people of South Carolina’s beautiful coast.

To go for more peace and security in your life, talk to us.

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