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    When health issues force you out of work, getting the benefits you need—whether it’s from Social Security or your long-term disability policy—becomes paramount.

    When you can’t work, it can be hard to imagine covering your normal expenses. And if you have medical bills on top of that? Your head starts to spin.

    Attaining the benefits you need can be difficult. Social Security is notorious for denying people on their initial application. Long-term disability insurance companies aren’t much better about awarding benefits that have been paid for already.

    That’s why you need an experienced, compassionate disability attorney on your side.

    Sure, you can try to win these benefits yourself. Both present real challenges that often leave newcomers confused, led astray, and often denied altogether.

    So don’t take a chance on your future.

    Robertson Wendt is certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and is one of only three board-certified Social Security Disability specialists in South Carolina.

    To get bona fide help on your side, call Robertson Wendt Disability today.

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    What Does “Board-Certified” Mean?

    South Carolina Social Security Disability lawyers meet to discuss local family's appeal

    Robertson received his board certification in 2008 and was recertified in 2013. What that means:

    • He was favorably evaluated by fellow lawyers, judges and experts in Social Security Disability law.
    • He passed a day-long written examination on advanced Social Security Disability law.
    • He’s practiced disability benefits law for more than 30 years and, since 1994, 100% of his law practice has been dedicated to disability benefits cases.
    • He has attended and taught over 25 hours of continuing legal education seminars on Social Security Disability law each year.
    • He has appeared in thousands of Social Security administrative law judge hearings and has filed hundreds of Appeals Council briefs and federal court appellate briefs.

    Robertson and his staff have helped thousands in South Carolina get the disability benefits they need.

    If you’re in Charleston, Columbia, or anywhere in our great state, we can help you, too.

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