Don’t Get Caught By These Social Security Disability Mistakes in South Carolina

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South Carolina Man wonders if he qualifies for long-term Disability

How to Steer Clear of Pitfalls when You Apply for Disability

Social Security Disability benefits can make such a difference in your life when you can’t work because of health problems.

Benefits give you monthly income. Monthly income means less stress about how you’ll pay your bills—and more freedom to focus on the things that matter the most in life.

But first you have to get through the application process mistake-free.

Getting benefits is tricky. In a recent 10-year period, more than three-quarters of people who applied for disability benefits were denied.

With your well-being and sense of stability on the line, this is not a time for mistakes.

But you can avoid errors that put your disability benefits at risk. Keep reading to identify and avoid two kinds of Social Security Disability mistakes:

1. Mistakes in your application
2. Mistakes in the process

And get direct help with your claim in Charleston, Columbia or anywhere in South Carolina from Robertson Wendt Disability.

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Avoid These 4 Social Security Disability Application Mistakes

At our disability law firm, we often see people make mistakes like these on their disability applications:

1. Sending incomplete information: You want to fill out every form entirely. You want to give Social Security plenty of information so claims examiners understand how your health prevents you from working and why you need benefits.

2. Putting something down that’s wrong: You need your information to be correct. Sometime in the process, a Social Security official like an administrative law judge could discover that you gave incorrect details, and that can derail your claim.

3. Lacking medical records to show Social Security: You need to be going to doctors for the health problems that are sidelining you from work. And from your ongoing treatment, you’ll get the medical evidence you need for your claim.

4. Failing to update your Social Security file: When you’re appealing a denial, you get opportunities to update your information and submit new evidence. Don’t miss that chance.

One way to start off your disability claim the right way is to get an evaluation from an experienced Social Security Disability attorney. Robertson Wendt Disability provides initial consultations at no cost.

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Avoid These 6 Mistakes in the Social Security Disability Process

Sometimes when people make mistakes trying to get Social Security Disability benefits, it’s not about what they wrote in their application as much as how they managed their claim.

Don’t let one of these errors hurt you:

1. Waiting too long to apply: Start your claim as soon as possible. Allowing too much time to pass since you were last able to work can hurt your claim.

2. Staying on the job: These benefits are meant for people who can’t work. So if you’re working, you could get denied. Social Security has strict limits on how much you can work and still qualify for disability benefits.

3.Failing to appeal a denial: Some people get discouraged and give up when they’re denied disability benefits. But your case doesn’t have to be over. You could still appeal and win.

4. Missing the chance at benefits for family members: Family members of people receiving disability benefits can also sometimes claim benefits, such as spouses of disability recipients or adult children who have disabilities.

5. Relying on a disability representative from an insurance company: If you have long-term disability coverage, the insurance company could send you to a representative for your Social Security Disability claim. But be careful about who that representative truly serves.

6. Not getting someone highly qualified to help with your claim: You can get a highly trained and experienced disability lawyer for your claim. In fact, Robertson Wendt is one of few lawyers in South Carolina who has the additional qualification of board certification in disability law. And even when you get the most experienced help, you pay no attorney fee until you win benefits.

An experienced disability lawyer can help you stay on top of your application forms, your evidence, the steps you must follow and the deadlines you must meet.

To get confidence that your disability claim is being handled correctly, get in touch with Robertson Wendt Disability.

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South Carolina man happy he qualifies for long-term disability benefits
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