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    Steady Support in Stressful Times

    Even if your life feels consumed by anxiety right now, there are ways to find hope. Financial support from Social Security Disability benefits can help you reach a steadier, calmer place.

    The benefits come with monthly checks and Medicare or Medicaid health care coverage.

    Getting the benefits, though, may require just the right touch from a Social Security Disability lawyer who’s sensitive to your mental health needs.

    Mental illness and mental health disorders are covered by Social Security Disability. In fact, the Social Security Administration’s listing of qualifying impairments includes 15 types of mental disorders. Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders are among them.

    But getting disability benefits always means proving that you can’t work because of your health conditions, and it takes special care to document a condition other people can’t physically see, like anxiety.

    At Robertson Wendt Disability, we know what to do.

    Robertson Wendt is one of the most experienced disability attorneys in South Carolina. He’s one of only a few who have board certification in disability law.

    In Charleston, Columbia or anywhere in South Carolina, we’ll listen to what you’re going through and fight for your disability claim with the dignity and respect you deserve.

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    Anxiety Symptoms You Need to Show Social Security

    To win disability benefits with an anxiety disorder, Social Security says you must provide medical evidence of symptoms like these:

    • Concentration problems
    • Fatigue
    • Irritability
    • Muscle tension
    • Sleep disturbance

    Social Security will also consider awarding disability benefits for panic disorders or agoraphobia, including panic attacks and unusual levels of fear about two different situations, examples including going outside, being in crowds or using public transportation.

    And Social Security says obsessive-compulsive disorders qualify for benefits if involuntary, unwelcome thoughts consume much of your time, and you engage in repetitive behaviors to alleviate the stress.

    The disability lawyers at the Wendt law firm can look at your particular case of anxiety—at no cost to you—and let you know your options for applying for Social Security Disability benefits.

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    How Serious Does My Anxiety Need to Be for Social Security Disability?

    One of the tricky parts about qualifying for Social Security Disability benefits for anxiety is that this mental disorder takes many forms and levels of severity in different people.

    Anxiety is common when people experience life’s traumas, like the loss of a loved one, a serious illness, a job loss or divorce.

    Anxiety can also be a side-effect of medications you’re taking for other medical problems.

    But a successful disability application requires your anxiety to be severe enough that you can’t work—at all.

    This is what Social Security says you must show:

    • Extreme limitation in one or a notable limitation in two of these areas: your ability to process information, your ability to concentrate for significant periods, your ability to interact with other people and your ability to take care of yourself.
    • Or you can show two years of medical documentation of your anxiety, including records of medical treatment, therapy, psychosocial supports, highly structured environments that help you cope and documentation of your difficulty dealing with change.

    To prove your case to Social Security, you need reports from doctors and psychologists, results of medical tests, details of therapy and medications and statements from people who know you about how your anxiety has impacted your daily life.

    You’re already overwhelmed, and this sounds like a lot of information to gather. So let the Wendt law firm do it for you. Not only do we want you to win benefits, we want you to get through the process with as little added stress as possible.

    We want to help you reclaim your life.

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