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    If you or someone you love is on the autism spectrum, you know the challenges and limitations that come with it. People are born with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and it is incurable, impacting every stage of life—including the ability to make a living.

    If symptoms of ASD prevent you from working, you’ve got another challenge to deal with: staying afloat financially.
    This is when Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can help. The monthly checks could get you back on more solid financial ground.

    But winning SSDI benefits is anything but easy. Every case of autism is different. People with autism who are able work won’t be approved for benefits. And so many people don’t understand autism at all.

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) is a bureaucracy with its own laws and requirements. Not only do you need to complete the application correctly, you also have to include evidence to support your claim.

    A simple mistake could mean your benefits are denied. Whether you need to apply or appeal your denial of disability benefits for autism, the experienced disability attorneys at Robertson Wendt Disability can help.

    Robertson Wendt is one of only a few attorneys in the entire state of South Carolina who is board-certified in disability law.

    Our disability legal teams in Charleston and Columbia are ready to help with your disability claim. Most importantly, we’re ready to listen to you and your needs.

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    Transitioning from SSI to SSDI Disabled Adult Child Benefits for Autism

    The two most common SSA benefit programs for people with impairments including autism are Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

    • SSI is based on age, disability and need. You or your child may have been eligible to receive SSI benefits if you were under age 18 and had physical or mental conditions that seriously limited your functioning, and you lived in a household with limited income or resources. This is how many people who develop autism in childhood first receive disability benefits.
    • SSDI is based on disability and the earning history of either the individual or their parent. SSDI is only for adults. SSI recipients who began receiving benefits before the age of 22 could transition to SSDI if one parent qualifies for disability benefits, retires or dies.

    With Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Benefits, you or your child will receive 50% of one parent’s SSDI benefit. If the parent passes away, the childhood disability benefit increases to 75%.

    This financial assistance can improve your life, or the life of your loved one, enabling greater independence and dignity.

    Applying for DAC benefits is complicated and can be frustrating and time consuming.
    An experienced Social Security Disability lawyer can help you through the process, and there’s no fee until you win benefits.

    The South Carolina disability attorneys at Robertson Wendt Disability are dedicated to helping South Carolinians get the benefits they deserve.

    Start by talking to us for a free review of your situation and options.

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    What Do You Need to Prove to Get Social Security Disability Benefits for Autism?

    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological condition with a wide range or “spectrum” of symptoms and levels of severity:

  • “Mild Autism,” Formerly Called Asperger’s Syndrome: For people with a mild form of ASD, it can be an almost “invisible” condition. Anyone who doesn’t know the person well probably wouldn’t be able to see what is different. They might not realize the struggles you deal with every day. And it can be difficult to prove inability to work when claiming disability benefits.
  • “Severe Autism,” Known as Level 3 Autism: Someone on the severe end of the spectrum might be unable to speak more than one or two words at a time, and they may exhibit distinct repetitive behaviors. These individuals may require around-the-clock care.
  • To win disability benefits for autism, you must meet Social Security’s fundamental criteria for eligibility:

    You have to prove you can’t work in any occupation for which you’re otherwise qualified, based on your job experience, education and training, AND your condition has lasted or is expected to last at least 12 months.

    You will need to support your detailed application with evidence in the form of medical records, psychological or neuropsychological evaluation, and treatment and prescription medication records.

    But you don’t have to put all of this together yourself. Whether you’re applying or appealing an SSD denial, board-certified Social Security Disability attorney Robertson Wendt and his team can help you with your Social Security Disability claim.

    We want to see you get the support you need for the fullest life.

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