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    Disability Benefits Make Your Life Easier

    Monthly disability income changes your whole outlook when you’re dealing with back pain that keeps you from working.

    When you’ve got help keeping up with your house, car and medical expenses, you can set aside your worries and focus on feeling better.

    This is the purpose of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits. They provide monthly checks, and Medicare eligibility, to get you through a difficult time.

    But you can’t just complain about pain to Social Security and expect to win benefits.

    You have to prove it by providing evidence, filling out forms and following a complicated series of procedures. That’s especially true for an impairment like back pain, where other people might not be able to tell just by looking at you that you have an official “disability.”

    An experienced disability attorney can make this process easier for you, and improve your chances of winning benefits. You want an attorney who focuses on disability cases and has handled back pain cases before.

    That’s the Robertson Wendt Disability. Robertson Wendt is one of few attorneys who are board certified for disability law. Our legal team helps people in Charleston, Columbia and throughout South Carolina get the benefits you need and some peace back in your lives.

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    Back Problems that Can Qualify You for SSD Benefits

    Back pain comes from many causes. It’s not a diagnosis in itself. But one important way to persuade Social Security to award you benefits is by showing you have a specific, severe condition identified by a doctor.

    Social Security has a list of medical impairments that can qualify you for benefits. “Back pain” isn’t on the list, but many health problems that include back pain are recognized by Social Security, such as:

    • Degenerative arthritis
    • Degenerative disc disease
    • Fibromyalgia when it includes severe back pain
    • Fractured vertebrae
    • Fused vertebrae
    • Herniated (slipped or prolapsed) disc

    Proving that your back pain qualifies for disability benefits means submitting several forms of evidence with Social Security, including:

    • Hospital records
    • Doctor’s reports
    • Medical test results
    • Medical imaging results
    • Treatment plans
    • Prescription information
    • Statements from your friends and family about your situation

    You can start your claim with the Robertson Wendt Disability law firm by getting our disability lawyers to evaluate your case for free.

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    What Every Disability Claim Needs

    Even if you don’t have a diagnosis like one of the above, you can still qualify for benefits.

    It’s about proving that your health problems, whatever they are, are severe enough to limit your daily functioning.

    Every disability claim requires proving:

    • Your health problems (in this case back pain) prevent you from doing your most recent type of work.
    • You’re also unable to change to a different line of work.
    • And your health will keep you off work for a year or more.

    If your initial application is denied—which most are—that can add stress that just makes your situation worse.

    So don’t do this alone. Get a disability attorney who knows how to navigate the special legal system that the Social Security Administration set up to decide disability cases.

    Some attorneys handle multiple kinds of cases, but having someone with extensive experience in disability law can make a difference for you. If you have to take your disability claim to an appeals hearing, the government’s own statistics even found that you’re almost three times more likely to win benefits if you have a representative with you.

    Don’t take chances with your financial future when back pain disrupts your ability to make a living. Get help from the legal team at Robertson Wendt Disability.

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