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    When congestive heart failure (CHF) limits your daily activities—to the point that you can’t work—getting financial assistance can make your life more manageable and secure.

    Social Security Disability benefits provide income and Medicare or Medicaid health coverage, so you can keep up with your essential bills, reduce your stress and focus on your health.

    With a condition like CHF, though, it can be difficult to win benefits. That’s because the seriousness of the disease varies from case to case, and it affects people’s ability to work in different ways, so Social Security doesn’t view every case as meeting its eligibility rules.

    On top of that, you face the fact that Social Security denies most people who apply for benefits.

    The disability lawyers at Robertson Wendt Disability work with this system every day and know what you need to win a benefits approval.

    Robertson Wendt is one of few disability attorneys in South Carolina who have board certification in disability law. That’s an additional step lawyers can take to show their dedication to helping people who can’t work because of medical impairments, like those with congestive heart failure.

    In Charleston, Columbia or anywhere in South Carolina, we take the time to understand your situation, help you make the strongest possible claim for disability benefits, and protect your financial independence.

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    What You Need to Win Social Security Disability for Congestive Heart Failure

    With CHF, or any medical problem, the bottom line is always the same when it comes to qualifying for Social Security Disability: You must be unable to work, in any job, for at least a year.

    That means you must provide work history information showing the physical and mental demands of your past jobs. And you must provide medical evidence that makes it clear how your CHF symptoms are severe enough to prevent you from meeting the demands of any place where you could likely work.

    Social Security provides a path toward winning benefits with congestive heart failure by listing “chronic heart failure” as a qualifying impairment.

    The government says you can qualify with one of these two types of heart failure:

    • Diastolic Failure: A problem with your heart’s ability to fill with blood
    • Systolic Failure: A problem with your heart’s ability to circulate blood

    To show that one of these conditions is seriously limiting your ability to function, you must provide treatment records of medical care like this:

    • Doctor visits
    • Exercise tests
    • Hospitalizations
    • Treatment plans
    • Medical images
    • Medical tests
    • Prescriptions

    You also may need to send Social Security statements from people who know you personally and can confirm the ways that congestive heart failure stops you from working.

    If you’re not sure whether your case qualifies, or what it will take for you to make a claim for benefits, you can learn more for free. The Wendt law firm doesn’t charge anything for an initial evaluation of your claim.

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    What Your Evidence Needs to Show about Your Case of CHF

    Social Security provides details of what you need show in the evidence you submit for you to qualify for benefits with congestive heart failure.

    These are the kinds of symptoms you need to document:

    • Breathing problems
    • Chest pain
    • Confusion due to poor blood flow to the brain
    • Difficulty performing well on an exercise test
    • Erratic movement due to poor blood flow
    • Fatigue
    • Fluid retention in the heart that triggers major medical intervention
    • Heart palpitations
    • Low blood pressure, even when you exercise

    Another form of evidence can be a doctor’s decision that your condition is so fragile you cannot take an exercise test to begin with.

    You deserve a break from all the legwork of putting together a strong disability claim—like gathering all the evidence from your doctors. You don’t need more stress.

    Let the attorneys at Wendt Disability lighten this burden for you.

    There’s no attorney fee until you win benefits. We are driven in our work by the goal of helping you get financial relief and knowing your life is on steady ground.

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