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    When you have multiple sclerosis (MS), you never know what symptoms are going to flare up from one day to the next.

    Your MS can get so bad that you have trouble joining the daily activities that used to be a breeze. Going for a short walk can be difficult. You may not be able to work anymore.

    You can put your health first by staying at home. But how are you going to pay your bills? All the worrying can’t be good for you.

    You have an option. The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides Social Security Disability benefits to people in your situation. If you get approved, you could receive monthly checks to pay for some of your essential expenses. Benefits protect your independence and dignity.

    The issue is that the SSA makes it very hard to win benefits. Most people get denied.

    But with the help of Robertson Wendt Disability, you could increase your chances of approval and finally restore your sense of peace.

    Robertson Wendt is one of the most experienced disability attorneys in the South Carolina, and he is one of only a few who have board certification in disability law.

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    Social Security Disability for MS: How to Prove Your Symptoms

    In order to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, you have to demonstrate that your severe multiple sclerosis symptoms have lasted, or will last, for at least 12 months.

    Your symptoms need to have gotten so debilitating that you can no longer work, or even switch to lighter work.

    In your disability benefits application, you could show that you have symptoms like these:

    • Vision problems
    • Depression
    • Hearing loss
    • Loss of balance
    • Fatigue
    • Trouble walking
    • Bowel and bladder issues
    • Cognitive impairment
    • Weakness

    Telling the SSA you have MS and are experiencing these symptoms in a serious enough form to prevent you from working isn’t enough to qualify for disability benefits. You will also have to demonstrate your condition with medical proof, including:

    • MRI scans
    • Cognitive (IQ) tests
    • Hospitalizations and doctors’ visits records
    • Treatment records
    • Blood tests
    • Lumbar puncture results

    If this seems overwhelming, don’t worry. The lawyers at Robertson Wendt Disability can help you gather your medical records so you don’t have to do it alone. We can stay with you every step of the way.

    Plus, we can give you a free evaluation to start your claim.

    If you can’t work, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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    Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits with MS

    MS can be tough to prove because the symptoms are erratic, especially at first.

    Along with providing medical proof, you’ll need to show the SSA that:

    • Your symptoms have made working impossible
    • You’re experiencing trouble walking, balance issues and disruptive involuntary movements
    • You’re going through mental setbacks
    • You have serious visual impairment

    Applying for Social Security Disability is complicated. You have to fill out many forms. It can be difficult to know how to answer every question.

    When you’re living with MS, it’s understandable if you don’t have the energy to deal with this complex bureaucracy.

    No matter what stage of the application process you’re in, Robertson Wendt Disability can stand by your side, helping you fill out forms and avoid mistakes.

    If you need to appeal a disability denial, your disability attorney can present your case to a Social Security judge .

    Social Security Disability benefits can help you restore a sense of normalcy to your life.

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