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    You know lupus isn’t something that just goes away.

    Sometimes you’re feeling great, and the next minute, you’re worn out. You have no energy to go about your day, get your work done or even tidy up the house. It’s difficult not being able to be able to join family activities. But it’s even harder to lose your ability to support yourself.

    What can you do?

    The Social Security Administration (SSA) can grant you Social Security Disability benefits if your lupus is bad enough that you can’t work for at least a year.

    There’s only one issue: The SSA has made it harder than ever to qualify.

    Along with having to fill out complicated forms, you also have to turn in concrete proof of your illness.

    Lupus is hard enough to explain to your friends and neighbors, how are you going to prove it to the government?

    In Charleston, Columbia or anywhere in South Carolina, Robertson Wendt Disability can help. Robertson Wendt is one of few board-certified disability lawyers; in fact, he helped start the national certification program.

    Let us help you claim life-changing benefits and the financial relief you need.

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    How Do I Qualify for Disability Benefits With Lupus?

    Lupus affects 1.5 million Americans. Some of the symptoms you can document for a disability claim include:

    • Fatigue
    • Malaise
    • Involuntary weight loss
    • Fever

    To prove your claim, you’ll need to have at least two of these symptoms to a degree of severity that impairs your daily functioning. You also must show that lupus is negatively affecting two or more of your organs or body systems.

    Your claim can also include documentation of these conditions:

    • You cannot finish tasks because you can’t stay focused or keep up.
    • You need to limit your day-to-day activities.
    • You cannot function properly in social situations.

    If you wonder whether your case of lupus will qualify you for disability benefits, you can get our experienced disability lawyers to look at your situation and let you know your options, for FREE.

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    Evidence to Include when You Apply or Appeal for Benefits

    A successful disability application, or appeal of a denial, includes:

    • Records showing your symptoms
    • Medications you’re taking and what they do for you
    • Medical records from your rheumatologist or a doctor whose specialty is lupus
    • Test results that show lupus complications
    • Test results that demonstrate other illnesses are not to blame for your symptoms

    For help collecting and organizing documents, and for someone to generally make the process easier for you, reach out to Robertson Wendt Disability for assistance.

    It’s tough to get approved for Social Security Disability benefits in South Carolina. The judges who hear disability appeals in the Charleston hearing office in recent years have been approving benefits only about 37% of the time, and in the state as a whole, they approve cases around 43% of the time.

    But some government studies have found that if you have a lawyer at your side, your chances of winning benefits are higher.

    If you get those benefits, your life can improve. You can rest easier knowing you have monthly checks to help with your basic expenses.

    Let’s get you the financial security you deserve.

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